The abstract submission for new abstracts or abstract revisions is now closed. Deadline: June 30, 2021

Delegates can submit Dioxin 2021 abstracts in two formats: a one-page abstract or a four-page short paper. Please follow the instructions in the template files to prepare your abstract/short paper. The abstract/short paper must be saved in the WORD format before the online submission.


A one-page abstract 

Please click here to view one-page abstract template


A short paper     

Please click here to view four-page abstract template


*A short paper can be published in the 2021 volume of the Organohalogen Compounds (http://dioxin20xx.org/organohalogen-compounds-database-search/) if you choose this option.

In order to go to the abstract submission page, you need to create an account. After you obtain an account, a reply e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address automatically. Please follow the directions in the reply e-mail to log in the abstract submission page. If you do not receive it within 24 hours, please contact Congress Secretariat at email.

Please submit your abstract or Short paper via the online submission system.

The conference language is English. All abstracts or short papers must be submitted in English.  Abstracts must be submitted online. Do not fax, mail or email abstracts, they will not be considered.

The abstract submission site will require you to select a presentation type from four options: 1) oral, 2) poster, 3) oral/poster, and 4) oral (invited). The first three options are for the regular sessions. The last option is for invited speakers (plenary lectures and invited special sessions). Your abstract is accepted unless you have received the notice of rejection.

Abstracts will be reviewed, and evaluated by the chairs. Please note, the chairs maintain the flexibility to assign your presentation to another session, if it is determined to be better suited to another theme or session topic category or due to over / under subscription of different sessions.